My art story

My favorite form of art is anime. Anime are basically just Japanese cartoons, sounds simple right everyone grew up watching cartoons and enjoyed them. Well anime is awesome because it is so diverse and exciting. There are anime’s about sports like basketball and volleyball and there are ones about long stories of revenge and glory. Another form of art that i enjoy now is photography, i used to not think much of it but when i met my current girlfriend she introduced me to it since she is a photographer who studies in art school at the moment.  She showed me that there are many intriquite details that go into taking photos. It isn’t just pressing a button at the right time and bam your done.

My Art Story

To me, art is a completely subjective form of expression that can be show through many outlets like video, paper, books and so much more that it considered as vast as the world. All art has meaning behind it, no matter how strange it seems to be called art. A piece of gum carelessly stuck onto a piece of canvas may be low effort and considered trash by many, the art still has purpose and meaning behind it. Even if the artist just did it for the sake of doing so, that itself is the meaning and purpose. If people try to dispute this, high effort art is the same. If someone spent hours drawing and planning a huge painting of a human face, no matter how thought provoking and complex the reason to make it is, it still has a purpose and meaning like a piece of gum stuck on a canvas. To me, I am indifferent to art. I accept all forms of art but will only care for ones that appeal to me. I hope to understand art from a more educational perspective in this class.

Write up your story: What we mean when we say art? What is art to you? How does it fit in to your life? What do you want to learn about in this class?

My art story is that I haven’t taken an art history before and I started to learn what art was under the lectures that our professor has taught us. Most of my art knowledge is from school and it’s mostly about making art and not learning about the art work like in this class. In unit one, I learned that formal analysis is a technique used to help us understand the artwork of the author. I learned to not the judge the artwork but to embrace the art because we all have different views about art and we may have similar opinions about it. Art is a lifestyle to almost everyone because we see art everywhere from street art to art in the museum. Art gives a nice vibe when you look at some of them because they are colorful and the gesture in the artwork gives a mood for us. Art fits in my life because I see art everywhere and sometimes I would stop by and took a long look at it to understand what’s being display. Sometimes it can boost my mind because I can imagine what’s happening about it. In this class, I want learn about art expression in art history about art related to the art in the past to modern art. I may still be learning about art but I’m going to understand a lot of artworks by the end of this semester. I also want to learn how the artist decides to produce their work and what gave them the idea to finalize it.

What’s Art?

Well…my definition for art is basically like a stress-relief.
As a artist, I think it helps with forming a personality and expressing creativity. It could be a sanctuary on just expressing words you can’t put onto paper. Sometimes people just couldn’t say what they’re feeling. In my opinion, you could really put your feelings into your artwork. It’s like a little safe place. Maybe at most times, you might have art block; unable to put your thoughts onto art. However, it could simply be that you haven’t found the right words or right feelings? Well, art could also simply be a hobby or activity to pass the time. Art varies in many ways and I think it really helps as a defining feature of creativity to bring out a voice which should be heard within art. Imagination, thought and creativity helps bring out the individuality of a person and makes them different from everyone else which is a positive thing because individuality often helps enable the world to be interesting.

My Art hiSTORY

I think that for a lot of people Art is thought of so simplistically; when actually it’s a rather complex concept. To me is an expression, regardless of what form it may be in, it can be applied freely by anyone, well to me, at least. Many people assume that art is simply painting and drawing, but to me it’s way more than that. I think ironically enough that Art IS History, and History IS Art. They go hand in hand and intertwine to help see where some people’s heads are at or where we are as a nation, or simply trend-wise. Personally, my attention is greatly captivated with aesthetic, so whether it’s a beat that’s sonically beautiful, or the color scheme of a picture, or the way clothing goes together, or how a body can move in sync with a beat, I enjoy it all.

Art is in my life everywhere, sometimes it controls things in my life, such as what I wear, what my mind envisions, how I see things, what I listen to, what I take pictures of, etc. Art has definitely played a part in who I am today and why I am how I am and why I like the things that I like.

In this class, I hope to gain a larger perspective of Art and widening my current definition of it. I hope to learn more about how it used to be to see how it’s developed today and if it has had any long term impacts. I hope to also see how it may have influenced people and led to things being how they are today.

I think Art is very underappreciated and overlooked, when it’s something that we can actually learn from however don’t always access enough.

My Art Story

What is Art?

For a long time whenever I would hear the word Art the first thing that came to my mind was Drawings, paintings, sculptures, things I would do in my art classes at school. I later learned that Art is much more than that, it’s a way to express yourself and it can be found everywhere like for example architecture. Since I was little I enjoyed drawing and seeing how the use of different colors and shades could make things pop. Another form of art I enjoy and is part of my daily life is music. I express myself through the various music I listen too. While taking this class I would like to learn more about art in general, its vocabulary, techniques, its origins and how it has impacted it history.

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My Art Story

I have never really pondered on the question “What is Art?” To me it’s just a way to express yourself and there are MANY different ways to express yourself.  You can express yourself through drawing, painting, acting, writing etc. The list doesn’t stop. Making crochet sweaters is art, putting together an outfit is art, the way a person likes to take pictures is art, appreciating nature is art. Art has no limit. It’s filled with imagination, expression, it’s complexed to where one may have indefinite answers to what they . Such as a passing cloud can look like a bunny to one person and a smiley face to someone else. When we talk about Art the possibilities are endless!

“Aesthetically Pleasing” is the way I fit art into my life. I find pleasure in things that look “nice” but what does this even mean? Objects and locations that have/ contain soft textures, pastel colors, floral prints and coordination.  I try to incorporate these things into my daily life. Such as I will try to take all my pictures outdoors because I like the way it looks. How nature can spruce up a picture. I especially like taking pictures in front of flowers to make everything look softer. I hope to learn about how overtime art evolves. How culture plays a role into the type of art that was produced over time.


My Art Story

The definition of “art” depends solely on the person who is defining it. When asked about art, most people will immediately think of paintings, drawings, and sculptures. The first thing that might come to their minds when they hear the word are things such as Monet’s Water Lilies, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, or Michelangelo’s David. However, art doesn’t have to stop there. There are no limits to art because art is everywhere. It’s in the pictures we take, the songs we listen to, the books and poems we read, the films we watch, the clothes we wear, the buildings we walk past. Art is anything that helps us express ourselves.                                                                      ..               

Growing up I’ve always appreciated art in all forms, or at least, I’ve tried my best to. I think it’s important to sometimes look into things that you personally may not understand or even be too invested in, just to get a sense of it. When I was younger I used to draw often, I even went to art classes outside of school. I eventually stopped, not for any reason other than the fact that I was 7 and couldn’t care to focus on one thing for too long. Over the years I have found myself becoming more and more interested in things that can be considered art. I enjoy photography the most because it relies mainly on real life things that catch your eye at a specific moment. Photography led me to my interest in Photoshop and editting, especially because I find the ability to change a picture into something different fascinating. I’ve also always been into books, music, and films/cinematography because the way stories are told through these can be so different yet similar and intriguing at the same time.Visiting museums is always fun for me, which is something I’m looking forward to in this class. It’s interesting discussing the history, the intentions, and the meanings of pieces in large groups because everyone interprets things differently and this is a great way to expand both my knowledge and appreciation of art.


My Art Story

Art is an abstract medium through which people can voice their thoughts, opinions, emotions, agony, etc. Growing up in a small village in the southern state of Kerala, in India, I was constantly surrounded by rich culture and historic art forms. Kerala is known for its traditional theatrical performances called ‘Kathakalli’, ‘Ottamthullal’, and the dance forms ‘Mohiniyattam’ and, ‘Bharathanatyam’. As bharathanatyam dancer, I perform stories including excerpts from the great Indian classics of Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, and Mahabharata, conveying to the audience to be present with characters and the story portrayed.  I like to consider these performances as a form of art because, they help the audience see a certain period of time through my movements and facial expressions. As an immigrant growing up in New York, I feel bharathanatyam helped me to be rooted in my culture, and gave clarity in knowing who I am.  My perspective on art is very limited and narrow, and for this reason I want to understand different perspectives of art from different people in different places and time. I want to learn how to look at art and draw a bigger picture from a social, economic, political and a historical point of view.

What art means to me

Art has many definitions. There are many elements to art and many categories. Some things that pop into my head when I hear art are architecture, design, textiles, sculpture, paintings, patterns, landscape, and expression. I am not a creative person and most of my life I didn’t like art. I never knew what to draw or where to start. I took a product design class in high school and we used zentangle patterns as the base of the class. I enjoyed this class because we learned a lot of patterns and used the in our product designs. I liked that I didn’t have to be too creative because I had the patterns to choose from but I got to make my own personal design. I hope to learn about every element of art and learn to appreciate all of its details.

My Art Story

Q: Write up your art story: What we mean when we say art? What is art to you? How does it fit in to your life? What do you want to learn about in this class?

A: I feel as if art is defined by ones self. If you were to have asked me this questions a few years ago, I would tell you something about boring paintings or drawings with little interest. I would also tell you that art is pointless and it would get you no where in life, I would make fun on art majors and the people I would see on the street with their art. I would associate art with being easy to do and no skill required.

What art to me is now is something beyond words, expression without expression, art is something unique to each person.  I believe an images or pictures can speak thousands of words, words in your own definition, words only you can describe, words only you can create. And the “you” in this instance is not only the Artist them selves, but the person observing and taking in this art.

The way art now fits into my life is through the way I dress, what I listen to, how I listen to things, and my mindset of everyday life. My new appreciation of art goes hand in hand with my outlook on life as I realize things arent as cut and dry and I used to look at it. Everything as a story and everything is designed for a reason. Art for product promotions, Art for self expression, Art for broadcasting a voice, many things.


What I want to learn from this class is that of a better understanding of art. I want to look at art in different lights to see how It influences my thinking and dressing