MET Museum

My experience at the MET museum was very exciting because its the second time I went for an art class. The museum was big and the lobby was filled with people. I first went to buy the ticket and give whatever donation to the museum and went ahead to see the art that was assigned for me to look at. The art that I was looking at was Pieter Coecke van Aelst’s painting, The Last Supper: Image result for met museum renaissance art

The painting was pretty colorful and shows a picture of gods having dinner at the table. The painting with the people in the middle look like there was a fight at the dinner table and it was relatable to us having fight on the dinner table if we discuss politics or religion.

The differences between the Renaissance art and Baroque art is that the Renaissance display religious figures and bright colorful paintings while the Baroque shows shading like chiaroscuro. Baroque paintings are heavy shaded and the lightness and darkness makes the painting feel alive like you are actually there to watch. The Renaissance painting displays colorfulness and making you just look at what is going that makes you continue to think of what is going on.

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