Annotated bibliography

3 online sources

Baroque art, an introduction

This source will help me understand the baroque art in comparing the arts that I have selected. This is useful for me to understand the topic that I chose.


This source will help me understand Gian Lorenzo Bernini and who/what did he do as an Italian sculpture related to the Baroque. This will also show me what other artworks are at the museum that I could come and look at.


This source will help me get addition information about Gian Lorenzo Bernini and the artworks that he has accomplished. It gives a Biography and styles with techniques that he uses for the art.


2 articles


This source explains his artwork and where it could be found. The magazine also has some time periods that could help me understand why he made these artworks that I have selected.



This source will show me the artworks that I could choose from and use for my topic.




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