Final Project Guidelines

Art 1010

Fall 2018

Final Project Details and Due Dates


Final Project Guidelines


For your final project you may choose one of three assignments:


  1. Paper proposal (750-1000 words plus images)
    For this project, you will do everything for a term paper EXCEPT write an actual paper. Your final product should be an introduction to your topic (stating your topic and some sort of thesis or statement/argument about the topic), a proposed paper outline (including at least three artworks, their images, and sources that you will use), and a conclusion (restating what you sought to prove in your introduction by reiterating the points made over the course of your paper, and telling your reader why it is important—think of the stakes of your project and what we lose by not knowing whatever your points were).
  2. Themed Museum Tour (including 5 works of art at either the Met or the Brooklyn Museum)
    For this project, you will choose an issue or theme that you noticed or thought about over this course, and select 5 works that illustrate that particular theme or say something about it. Your finished product should have an introduction for the works in question and your theme, as well as a justification for each work you included—why this particular work over others? What makes it a good example to discuss your theme?
  3. Creative project—make me something
    For this project, you should make something visual and creative (NOT a poster, but something crafty or creative) that is in dialogue with an issue, theme, or particular artist/artwork that you have encountered as part of this class. Any creative/made project should be accompanied by a 500 word artist statement that explains what artworks or artists you were reacting to and how your choices, formal, material, and compositional, relate to that artist or object.


Important Due Dates and Deadlines


  1. Choose a topic by MONDAY NOV 26.


  1. Outline/Backgound
    For this part of the project assemble 5 to 7 works of art that relate to your theme or issue. Images should have the following information: artist, title, date, and museum (where applicable). Please choose artworks from NYC museums. Any other artworks need prior approval. How do these works relate to your final project? What do they illustrate or make visible that you want to explore or highlight?

    Craft a statement that identifies how these works illustrate something about your topic. This is your provisional thesis statement or argument. You should say something about the issues and works of art you have chosen.

    Image lists and thesis statement should be posted to the class site NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 3.




Compile a bibliography of at least 3 online sources (smarthistory, the Met’s Timeline of Art History, museum websites) plus two articles (art magazine, newspaper, etc.) that relate to your topic. Once compiled, describe each source—what is it about—and what does it offer your project? How is it useful?


This is an annotated bibliography and should be posted by Dec. 10.



Dec 12: Final Projects Due.

Brooklyn Museum Assignment Part I & II

Part I












For Part I of the assignment I chose to dive into the Egyptian Art exhibition at the Museum. As soon as I saw the sculpture showed above I was interested to analyze this particular work of art which is called Pair Statue of Nelson and Never-ta. Using Formal Analysis I immediately noticed that the sitting couple is made out of Limestone. As I looked around I noticed that the bench where they are sitting on has writing all around it and not only in the bench but also in the persons clothing. This makes me think of the art work we saw in class and how sculptures from all other places in the wold also had writing during those times. This means that they all had their own language and similar ideas when it came to language. Their clothing and neckless have an appearance of people who are in high level society which made me think that they are a married couple from the royalty. What makes me come to the conclusion that they are married is that the are both have one arm being each other’s back and not only that but the artist made their arm unnaturally long and if looked closer on the sides they are holding each other with affection. Their body posture is stiff and everything seems alined. There is parallel lines in every section of writing. Furthermore this writing and the limestone is painter with different colors of blue, red, brow, and black. Furthermore the volume of hair in each person is large and it makes their faces look smaller, specially the woman whose face is smaller and has a larger neck. It seems that they both are wearing some sort of make-up in their eyes which makes those look bigger and angled. the size of the Sculpture is a small. I love what it represents and I love looking at it. Using formal made me understand in a deeper way what the sculpture represented in Egyptian times.


Part II

For Part II, in Soul of a Nation, after looking around the exhibit I found my attention to be caught under this amazing yet horrifying painting, The First One Hundred Years by Archibald Motley 1891-1981. As you can see in the pictures I took, the painting seems to be oiled based. Also the use of dark and cold colors is very mesmerizing because it helps the viewer feel what is going on. In the painting I feel that the artist wants the viewer to focus on the two faces that hang on the tree (Martin Luther King Jr.- J.F.K) and one from the house (Abraham Lincoln). Those are the faces of important activist and presidents of the United States. The main thing they all have in common is that they were all assassinated.  I chose these particular painting because it summarizes everything bad and wrong that happened during African American slavery and when the confederate flag was wave by the prosecutors and the “pure” white people. All this horrendous events took place under the times of those three individuals’s faces. To me the painting is very sad and scary. When I saw the painting,  it made me feel anger. To the whole exhibition this work of art in particular shows what African Americans had to go through before they obtained freedom. The Exhibition is about the Soul of a Nation, it has work of art that represent the time where Blacks resisted oppression, and the time where people made a difference. Basically the exhibition as a Then and a Now. The painting above is very powerful and meaning full and the way it was painted with different colors, scale and dimensions make the viewer to want to see it. After Motley concluded this work of art, he never painted again.

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