Well, humanism is basically presenting human characteristics upon artwork or sculptures. The modern day answer or definition for humanism is supposedly the belief of humans should be showing respect towards other humans because they’re human or basically respect towards humanity. There are many sculptures that create a aspect of humanism that captures the structure of humans and their anatomy. The Greeks and Romans created sculptures that captured humanism while also capture the well-defined features of a human with detail. Their sculptures emphasized more depth towards anatomy and sports of hunting and such. Ancient Egyptians showed some artwork expressing human characteristics on deities. Some of the deities had heads of animals while some would just have human characters overall.

unit one summary

Well, to be honest, I’ve learned to look at art with a whole new perspective. Most of us just look at art and say wow what a splendid piece of work or etc. Due to learning about formal analysis, it actually helped me, well, give art a more thoughtful meaning for me. It inspires me to take more time to evaluate art in it’s meaning and why it was created. I was actually quite inspired with learning about formal analysis because it kinda gave special meaning rather than just calling it looking at a painting. I feel like the word “formal analysis” gives the definition more meaning and I guess it gives me inspiration to actually maybe do some formal analysis of my own when I go to a exhibit. I found learning this to be the most important in my opinion.

Formal Analysis

Formal analysis is basically looking towards a piece of art and trying to figure out the meaning, purpose and positions for why inspiration has taken place for these artworks. It’s the process of trying to skim the surface of what the artist is trying to express and display for the viewers. We look at  the parts in which catches our eyes, parts in which expresses brighter colors  than others. We look for the explanation in parts that we are able to question and observe and sympathize with the artist on their choices for each stroke. We could only infer what the artist could imply by their choices of scales in light or dark colors, or even warm or cold colors. Trying to see their composition and how we could read the story they’re trying to tell from their creation.

What’s Art?

Well…my definition for art is basically like a stress-relief.
As a artist, I think it helps with forming a personality and expressing creativity. It could be a sanctuary on just expressing words you can’t put onto paper. Sometimes people just couldn’t say what they’re feeling. In my opinion, you could really put your feelings into your artwork. It’s like a little safe place. Maybe at most times, you might have art block; unable to put your thoughts onto art. However, it could simply be that you haven’t found the right words or right feelings? Well, art could also simply be a hobby or activity to pass the time. Art varies in many ways and I think it really helps as a defining feature of creativity to bring out a voice which should be heard within art. Imagination, thought and creativity helps bring out the individuality of a person and makes them different from everyone else which is a positive thing because individuality often helps enable the world to be interesting.