Unit 1 Summary

Unit one was about Formal Analysis and Paolo Friere, Born in Recife, Brazil and was a person in poverty. Paolo studied about law but never practiced it and worked as a professor in many universities. He was also imprisoned and exile during the military coup in Brazil. Paolo published Pedagogy of the Oppressed by 1968 and explains about the banking model, students are depositories and the teacher being the depositor. The banking model explains the communication and knowledge being given by inventions of re-invention through education. It was a concept to send out education to the students being taught by the teacher who teaches it. John Dewey, who believed the opposite way of how education is being taught. He believed education is not the correct way to prepare yourself in life. I understand it from that point of view because you can also understand something if you physically do it and education doesn’t teach everything you need to know in life. The schools don’t teaches you how to file taxes and fill out application, which is essential in life because as a grown up you need to know how to do these things by yourself. John Dewey also believe there should be a meaningful experience in learning through education to not fail from his or her mistakes on success.

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