Easy Steps on How to Post on Your Blog!

Before starting to post on your blog, you must first log into your account. After logging into your account, there are certain easy steps that one should follow. Here it is…

Step 1: After logging into your profile, go to “My Commons”

Step 2: From there, click on “Art 1010 Fall 2018 9:30 AM”

Step 3: There are tiny words to the left of you, click on the small word that reads “Site”

Step 4: Look up! Theres a little (+) with the word “New” sitting next to it! Click on it!

Step 5: After clicking on “New”, you’ll see this whole page of different and weird small windows with a variety of options.

Step 6: Don’t get flustered! I am here to help. At the top, type in any title you may have in mind (having to do with the topic of course).

Step 7: Once you have finished working on your title, type away down below! Let your words run wild with imagination, humor and wit.

Step 8: When you are finished writing your material, if wanted, you can add an image, video or music. Just move your mouse under the title to where it says “Add media.” Click on it.

Step 9: From there you can access a whole gallery of pictures or music (where everything is stored). Use the pictures to make the blog more interesting or colorful. Everyone loves a little color in their lives!

Step 10: After everything has been proof read and the pictures are in their places, go to the right hand side of the page and look at the “categories” window and check of the box that says “9:30 AM Class”.

Step 11: If wanted, you can also add a tag (Ex: Blog Post 1)

THAT’S IT! We got through the worst of it together! Now all you have to do is click publish and everyone who you allow can read your beautiful and well put words. Also, if there is something that you may have forgotten to add, you can always click edit and fix whatever you are worried about.


How to Post

Step 1) Go to the website

9:30am Class MW

Step 2) On the top of the page you will see a plus sign (+) followed by “New”. Hover your mouse over this tab.

Step 3) There will be a drop link that has options for “Post”, “Media”, and “Document”. Click on “Post”.

Step 4) Enter a Title for your post.

Step 5) Once you are done with your post, on the right hand side of your screen, make sure you categorize your post by selecting the class you are in under “Categories”.

Step 6)  Select a tag under the “Tags” section on the right hand side.

Step 7) Select a featured image under the “Featured Image” section on the right hand side by clicking “Set featured image”.

Step 8) Finally, Click Publish on the upper right hand corner.

How to Make a Post

When you enter the site, click on the 9:30 AM class link

Once you are there go to the top left corner or the website page, and hover over Fall 2018 Art 1010 at Brooklyn College and click on dashboard.

On the left corner of your webpage you will see Posts. Click on add new.

You can enter a title and begin to type in the text box below.

Once you are finished with your post, before clicking publish on the top right corner of your webpage make sure to categorize your post based on the class and pre made tag. If you would like you can place a feature photo as well.

Lastly, click on the publish button and you are all set!

How To Post (Assuming You Have An Account Ready)

  1.  As soon as you enter ( art1010shawfall18.commons.gc.cuny.edu ), click on the     ‘+ New’ button at the top
  2.  Move you cursor down to ‘Post’ and click on it
  3.  Enter your text into the large empty box
  4. Enter your title in the small thin box above
  5. Tag your post properly using the ‘Tags’ column on the right side
  6. Check the correct class on the ‘Categories’ Column to the right
  7. Click on the ‘Publish’ button to the right

Blog 1: How to Post

To be very honest with everyone who is sadly reading this I just learned how to do this in ten minutes out of anger and sheer determination. If you find this to be the most difficult thing to do last minute you may be right… But that’s why I’m here! To make the process as painless as can be.( Or if you just explored endlessly like i did and just randomly found this you can just skip this and do it yourself already.)

Step 1: Try and remember the account you made at the beginning of school that you would easily forget on the website on CUNY Academic Commons.

Step 2: Finally remember your information and type it in successfully to login to your CUNY Academic Commons account.

Step 2.5: (Just found out you need to join a group to do some stuff but no one wants me so its ok i guess ;-;.)

Step 3: Skip Step 2.5 if you are an unlucky boy.

Step 4: Look on the the black bar and try to find the white plus sign and click in the subsection post to begin your post of insanity.

Step 5: Make a funny title or the same title as everyone else in the class if you want… No pressure.

Step 6: Write whatever you want to share publicly into the description like Microsoft. Or instead just do your assigned homework..

Step 7: Now comes the hard part… Look to the black task bar on the left side and look intensively at Dashboard. Once your done being creepy look right of that and click media to add either music or pictures.

Step 8: Once you have put whatever song or picture in this post you have wanted select on the right side whichever category you belong to and create a tag relevant to the post you are publishing.

Step 9: You can finally publish your post and probably go to sleep because you did this last minute…


Blog 1 – How to Post

Creating a blog post can be a daunting task for someone who perhaps is not very tech savvy, or has never done so before. However, it is actually a very simple task  to complete that requires a few short steps.

Step 1: The very first thing you will need to do, is register for a CUNY Academic Commons account.

Step 2: Once you are registered, sign into your CUNY Academic Commons account, and select the group that you are part of.

Step 3: At the very top center of the page will be a plus sign with the word “New” next to it. Click it, and it will take you to the page where you will actually write your post.

Step 4: Create a title for your post in the smaller box towards the top, and begin your post right underneath in the larger box.

Step 5: Once you have finished your post, you can add any media such as pictures ,by clicking the button towards the top that says “Add Media”. You may upload your own files, or select media from the Media Library.

Step 6: After adding any desired media, look to your lower right hand side. In the box labeled “Categories”, choose the group you belong to. Right underneath in the box labeled “Tag Sticky”, select the type of assignment it was.

Step 7: After completing steps 1 through 6, you have finally finished your blog post! Look to the upper right hand side, and press the blue “Publish” button.