My Art Story

People view or define art in many different ways. In their perspective which consists of reasons why they like or dislike about the techniques. For example, art is the expression of human creative skills and imagination. A painting, design or sculpture can let people express their thoughts and feeling to art.

Throughout history, there have been a few famous artists that most people liked such as Leonardo de Vinci, Pablo Passisco, Vincent Van Gogh. They have created various of painting or sculpture which has caught people attention. You would want to know more about the art because of the picture, colors, and style which makes it outstanding.

One of my favorite art is called the Cafe Terrance at Night by Vincent Van Gosh. The painting has beautiful scenery that caught my eye because it shows a place at night where people are eating and looking at the bright stars. What makes the art even better is the color that stands out, the color yellow and orange because of its brighness.


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