My Art Story

When I hear the word art I instantly think of museums. I don’t go often but when I do what I love about going is hearing other people’s perspectives on an art piece. It’s crazy sometimes what people can catch. Every art piece has some kind of meaning whether it’s obvious or not at first glance. Art is a form of expressing your thoughts and imagination in a visual image. The only personal art of mine is my doodling in class on the margins of my paper.

I don’t think a skill is needed when it comes to art. Whether you perceive it as an “ugly” drawing, it is still art and it still will have meaning of some sort. The reason for this is because art is used to express yourself and bring out your creative imagination. In my previous Psychology classes, it was always brought up how drawing can be used as a way for therapy. This is true based on my experience because when I doodle in class, it calms me down.

My favorite type of art is graffiti. I love walking around streets of New York and observe the colors and art behind graffiti. My favorite area in New York that has graffiti is Williamsburg. The graffiti there is remarkable because of all the effort and detail put into it and the meaning behind them.

I took these images below the last time I was in Williamsburg and I was astonished by the detailing:

My Art Story

What Is Art?

    Often, art is perceived as simply drawing, sculptures, paintings, etc. However, art is in everything around us. Art to me is a form of expression on who you are and what you see. Art is being passionate for something that others may not understand. Its having a skill and putting dedication and work into it so that it best represents how you are and how you feel. My form of art that I used to express myself is in the art of makeup. I use it as a form of expression on how I feel or how I see beauty in this world. I hope to learn different ways on how to express myself in different forms of art and ways on how others use their form of art to express themselves.

My Art Story

          For a very long time, art to me has always been paintings and drawings. I am terrible at drawing. I grew up being told that if you didn’t know how to draw, you were defined as bad in art. This was not until I took an art class in the 12th grade where my teacher taught me that art is what you want it to be. Art is completely subjective. I see art as a form of expression through whatever aspect is may be. Some may express their art through their paintings and drawings and some may express art through simply their style and clothing. Art has no boundaries. What may seem important and deep to one person may seem ordinary and plain to another. Art is a matter of perspective and how different people view various art forms. I eventually learned that drawing doesn’t define art. Through different perspectives, art is inspiring in its own way and until one discovers the skill of seeing art through different perspectives, they will never truly appreciate the beauty of art. I took Art history because I want to learn more about how artists use different techniques to create depth in their pieces.

My Art Story

Art is a person’s visualization of reality. Whether in the form of writing, drawing, crafting, and casting, it is always to represent an idea–a concept. The idea can be ‘how do I make this look cool’, ‘what would be effective in marketing this product’, ‘how do I capture the essence of some emotion/experience/concept using written word/clothing/physical crafts/instrumentation’, and so-on and so-forth. The concept behind creation does not have to be lofty or complex. The absence of reasoning itself is considered art at times.

Neither is art confined by its more familiar forms. Art is an all-encompassing term that is difficult to define; we have forms of art that–being  most prevalent and familiar– that we use in lieu of a definition. The essence that distinguishes art is designing–destining. That’s not to say the presence of a design indicates art: choosing whether an exit sign should be red or green–while a design choice–is not art. Determining the layout of a hotel and the resulting aesthetics is far more applicable. For this blog: it is sufficient to define art as something with design and that design having a certain level of complexity.

Even more trying is justifying the creation of art. Everybody can appreciate a good piece (‘piece’ being whatever you want it to be) but art is often seen as indulgent. Art is a necessity. The creation of art is a catharsis for both the creator and the ones who consume the art: a form of communication and validation through simply knowing and experiencing the same thing. We create and use art to better understand the reality we live and experience (‘reality’ being a placeholder term for just about anything, physical phenomena notwithstanding).

I want to learn everything this class is advertising.


My Art Story

When people talk about art I feel like most people think of the type of art you would see hanging in a museum or plastered on a billboard. To me art is more than that. When someone mentions art I think of drawings, paintings, movies, music, and other things that let people express parts of who they are. Art is not limited to one genre and can encompass many mediums. In my life art is very important. I love to draw and I’ve been drawing since I was about five years old. Digital art is my preferred medium of art. I strive to at least complete one piece I genuinely like per week. Art is very relaxing for me. When I draw I am not thinking about anything. I can let go and let the drawing draw itself. In this class I hope to gain a new perspective on art that I can use to better my art and myself. I also hope to learn more about the history of art and the meanings behind some of the greatest art pieces of the past.

My Art Story

Write up your art story: What we we mean when we say art? What is art to you? How does it fit in to your life? What do you want to learn about in this class?

What does art mean to me? Honestly, this question is really tricky because I’ve never had to define it before. I always used to think that art was a self explanatory term; a subject. However after giving the task at hand of defining art more thought, I realized that Art has a range of definitions.

So here it goes. art to me is a form of expression that people use. In addition to being a form of expression, art to me is a form of communication- and an essential one at that.  In order to communicate and get certain messages of importance across to each  other and society, the traditional form of communicating may not be acceptable. Instead of just writing or speaking on an idea, art takes the idea to the next level, and grabs the attention of the intended audience in a way that can be done by nothing else.

Some people believe art to be subjected to the practices of just painting and drawing. ( I must admit I was one of those people as well) but the practices of art are so much than one can possibly understand. Music, paintings, poetry, sculptures, thoughts, ideas,… etc all can be considered art.

In this class I Hope to learn what art means from the perspective of artist everywhere. This way I can have a greater appreciation for what they do.

My Art Story

To me art is any outward expression of our inner emotions and thinking. Art is very individualistic yet can bring many people together. Forms of art can range from paintings to music to how you wear your clothes. Music has been very important to me on a daily basis and I am sure to many others as well. Music allows me to map out a road of emotions I want to feel based on the type of genre. I also link many important memories to the music during that time. The art form of music is universal because it is all based on basic human emotions understood by people from any where in the world past, present and future.

My Art Story

What is art? Art is complicated and has endless meanings. For example, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. It is a questionable piece of work which is interpreted differently by everyone. There’s an old saying “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” To the average person this painting is seen as old piece of artwork that became famous overtime because of the image portrayed during the time period. Five centuries ago it was not common to showcase emotions through a painting and a smile was no exception. To me I see a new style of art, one that expresses creativity and possibilities. Art is subjective to the viewer. In art there is no wrong or right. As a famous man, Bob Ross, once said “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” These words of wisdom encourage people to not think of mistakes as a bad thing, but as a natural part of the work.  Art is about the journey to create a greater picture that is meaningful with emotion and personality.

Image result for bob ross

My Art Story

When art comes to my mind it draws either a blank image or a classical drawing iv’e seen before but never bothered to learn its deeper meaning. Art was never an active or even passive role in my life . It was just a reminder for one of those activities that I just wasent good at for I didn’t see any use of it at the time. It only took one year to completely change my view on art. Just randomly I had a picture in my mind of the most beautiful image I ever thought of. Without thought, I took a pencil and attempted to draw the most ugliest image known to mankind. Constantly over and over I would draw it not out pride or wanted to accomplish something, but to simply draw. I failed miserably of course but I learned a valuable lesson about art and its mysterious ways.

The pencil is a ruthless teacher and you can only learn not by what it says but by what monstrosity it created. It gave me a new perspective in life looking at images and pieces of artwork and working out, how they get from Step one to Step one hundred. Just like anything in life art for example can mean nothing, but one day whether by coincidence or not suddenly it appears as a substance that yearns to be used and expressed. Hopefully in this class ill learn what history was like for people living many decades or even centuries ago and what they depicted in their perceptive lenses. Also this is the first class of art I’ve taken since elementary school, so everyone needs to start somewhere!


Blog Post #2: My Art Story

What is art? When people hear the word “Art” they immediately think about paintings, drawings and sometimes even sculptures. Although this is true, those things are just a very little percentage of what art truly is. In reality there is more to art then just paintings and drawings. Photography, Dance, and Writing are also different forms of art. My personal favorite type of art is Music.

Music is the art of using sounds, created vocally or instrumentally, to express emotion. Music is my favorite type of art. My love towards music began back in elementary school, Cesar Rodney, while in music class. At the time I was in second grade and the class was just beginning to learn how to play the recorder; although most of the kids in the class hated and found it annoying I was one of the few who thought it was fun and entertaining. The following school year I decided to join the school band and learned how to play the clarinet. Although learning the clarinet was a lot more difficult than learning how to play the recorder I didn’t quit. A few months later I performed at my first concert and it was then that I realized I loved it and continued my journey as an instrumentalist. Years later I used what I learned and auditioned to the arts program at my middle school, The SEEALL Academy, and years after that also used my skills as a clarinetist and auditioned for my high school, Fort Hamilton High School, in which I was apart of both the Concert and Marching Bands.

Although I may have made it seem that music is what art truly is about it isn’t.  Art, to me, is defined by creativity. Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Photography, Dancing, Writing and Music are all just some of the many different forms of Art. The truth is that the anything and everything that has even the slightest bit of creativity can be considered art. In the end there is no definite meaning as to what Art is since the idea of something being “creative” varies from person to person.