Post 2: My Art Story

Some people believe art is just a painting or a drawing, others believe it’s music and the way music influences you and some people believe art is just subjective to what someone might find beautiful and that’s subjective in it’s own way too.

Art to me is how I define beauty. This means I find anime, music, paintings, nature and creative works to be a piece of art. Anime can be art if the writers and anime collaborate to mix the music and setting perfectly, music can be art with the way it influences my emotion, paintings are art to me when they have bright colors or have some hidden meaning behind and image, nature to me is the most beautiful art because it can’t be replicated and is the exact standard of what man first called beauty.

In this class I would like to focus on different forms of art than the ones listed. I want to know the history of Art and why certain artists chose their respective art forms.

This is my favorite piece of art, This was from the show Naruto Shippuden. People might not find this to be art, however I do. The way the animator draws the 2 opposing characters as they witnessed tragedy to become the same but separated. The eye change shows the severity of the emotional pain, that’s why it’s my favorite piece of art.

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Blog 1: How to make a post

1.Go to https://commons.gc.cuny.edu/
3.On the top right side (your icon) under my sites
There should be Fall 2018 Art 1010 at Brooklyn College, click it
4.On the top dashboard under + New click post
5.Add your title and text
6.if necessary save draft is on the right
7.when finished scroll down to categories
locate your time and then publish

My art story

Art for me is a way that anyone can express their feelings and bring it to life. The smallest things can define how an artist is trying to convey the message they’re trying to portray such as the colors they use, and environment around their work. Art says more to me than words on a page as i can place myself into different types of art and express myself more naturally, even through others works. Art is a big of me and my family as we have many paintings around our house and office that defines all of us in our own ways.

Bringing feelings to life helps many in the same way that others use writing as their way to express themselves. Art has been around for thousands of years and it has helped us define how we see many cultures from the Egyptians to the Romans. Music has helped me as well as many others throughout life as it helps define the state that people go through and helps people express themselves to bring out things they didn’t even know were inside of them.

I hope to take from this class the ways that art defined cultures and shaped the way we see how people lived. People make their works from the world we live in today and i’m looking forward to learn more on how it’s being used in everyday life.

Posting a blog

Posting a blog for the first can be challenging but these simple 5 steps will make sure you never struggle with it again.

Step 1: Go onto the commons page and log into your account.

Step 2: Go to the title ” Art fall 2018 11am” and click on site.

Step 3: Once on the site you will see the word “new” on the top of the page, you will go to that and then click “post”.

Step 4: From there you can change the type of format, text, and even add media to the post.

Step 5: Once you are ready to post you click the publish button on the right side of the page.

Now you’re all set to go for whenever you want to post.

How to post your fantastic posts to Art 1010 Fa’18

Before you can run, you must learn how to walk. In order to successfully navigate your way through Commons, you should learn the basics. FYI. Your computer should be connected to the internet in some way. Otherwise, you should sap off your friend’s hotspot. 📲 💻

In order to post, open your browser and type in https://art1010shawfall18.commons.gc.cuny.edu/. Login to your activated Commons account with your username and password. Once logged in, navigate to the +New tab next to the little notification icon and click “Post.”
Choose an appropriate title (with a little bit of imagination). Begin typing the text of your post; remember to check your word count on the bottom left of the text box. Adjust your settings to whatever suits your needs (Knock yourself out pal, you’re almost done). You can customize text with bold, italics, color and hyperlinks among other things. Optionally, you can add media to your post by clicking “Add Media” at the top of the page, and adjustment is recommended for personal liking.
Upon completion, stroll on down to the bottom left panels and select your class category in Categories. Add an appropriate tag under the Tags, as Professor Shaw cannot find your post if it’s not right. Click the Publish button on the top right of the page once you’re done. Revision and edits are always available post publishing by returning the the post.

My Art Story

Art is a form of expression in which words can’t describe. As evident through the many eras of art through the years, this form of self-expression is usually unique to the interpreter no matter the age or being.

Art to me is a way of venting certain internal dilemmas most people can not understand unless they were in my shoes. As a introvert in most spaces, taking a step back from a scene to get a larger picture of what is really going on opens up new observations and flow of ideas. Through high school, I attended an art class that gave a lot of freedoms to design our own pieces and provided materials and advice to bring the ideas to life. Although I didn’t keep a lot of these pieces and left that at the school, It was a great experience and a great atmosphere of idea bonding with others who shared the same interest. This also help spark and interest in pursuing some career with artistic elements down the road.

The ideal takeaways from this class are that I learn more in depth in the different ages of art and a better understanding of how some great artists came to be with much less resources unlike the present day.

How to Make a Blog Post

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re wondering how to make a blog post on this website. Well have no fear, Kristine is here! … with the steps!

First thing’s first, click the heading titled, “Fall 2018 Art 1010 at Brooklyn College”, on the top left corner of your screen, right next to the heading, “CUNY Academic Commons”.

Once you do that you will be brought to the Dashboard, and the second step is to either click “Post” (has a push pin icon next to it) on the left sidebar and click “Add New” right under “Posts” or simply hover your mouse over “Posts” and click “Add New”.

Voila! You are now in front of an empty blog post template and may type away! Be sure to title and tag it!