My Art Story

Art is a person’s visualization of reality. Whether in the form of writing, drawing, crafting, and casting, it is always to represent an idea–a concept. The idea can be ‘how do I make this look cool’, ‘what would be effective in marketing this product’, ‘how do I capture the essence of some emotion/experience/concept using written word/clothing/physical crafts/instrumentation’, and so-on and so-forth. The concept behind creation does not have to be lofty or complex. The absence of reasoning itself is considered art at times.

Neither is art confined by its more familiar forms. Art is an all-encompassing term that is difficult to define; we have forms of art that–beingĀ  most prevalent and familiar– that we use in lieu of a definition. The essence that distinguishes art is designing–destining. That’s not to say the presence of a design indicates art: choosing whether an exit sign should be red or green–while a design choice–is not art. Determining the layout of a hotel and the resulting aesthetics is far more applicable. For this blog: it is sufficient to define art as something with design and that design having a certain level of complexity.

Even more trying is justifying the creation of art. Everybody can appreciate a good piece (‘piece’ being whatever you want it to be) but art is often seen as indulgent. Art is a necessity. The creation of art is a catharsis for both the creator and the ones who consume the art: a form of communication and validation through simply knowing and experiencing the same thing. We create and use art to better understand the reality we live and experience (‘reality’ being a placeholder term for just about anything, physical phenomena notwithstanding).

I want to learn everything this class is advertising.


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