Unit Summary

The banking model is as Paulo Freire puts it is meant to simplify the communication of knowledge considered to be mandatory by the state to the developing population of children. Considering the book’s contents: it is simple to say that Paulo Freire saw this mode of education as an insufficient one. Not being a ‘proper’ education. It empower figures of authority in the students’ minds. The students become complacent with the role of receiver and so-on.

The purely visual aspect of art can be broken down into neat categories using formal analysis. That is pretty neat if I do say so myself; I have indeed said the previous sentence. The banking model of education seems to be the most simple to implement as opposed to any concentrated effort put into each student. It really does seem that way. When I say ‘that way’ I of course refer to the previous sentence. There is a lot of context behind just about every choice made in the visual arts. Context is very important. The materials used in a sculpture is indicative of what the crafts-person had access to. The mole-men despise those who would yearn for more. The banking model of education isn’t necessarily malevolent even if weak. I sure did learn something about artwork and it is all so very close to my heart. Much like the mole-men: I will always return to all of this throughout my life. I’m not sure what the banking model of education has to do with CUNY’s pathways common core–but I’m sure there is something.

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