final project


First off I am not really “good” at drawing but am proud that I could figure out the anatomy of the body. I think  got the idea of the male figure close enough but it still needs proper proportions.

The first problem that I had to over come was finding where to start for portions.  The length of the torso did not mach well with the rest of the body because I had started on the shoulders first and the rest of the body sort of didn’t fit into the structure and made the legs way too small and arms too short

The second one I had started on the chest down so it could better manage the portions to scale but it had issues with drawing the legs and arms. The thighs are some how small than the legs  and it looks weird the top haft seem fine but i couldn’t get the muscles to look quite right.

So I tried again with a bigger scale and it work pretty well. it fix my focus on the overall structure of the body but I still suck at drawing hands and feet so it still a failure

last one is really the better one where I learn more about curvature of lines than trying to correct them get the lines in one go or redo it because it makes it clearer. Final thoughts would be that I’ll keep drawing for a while see if i improve