How To Post

  1. Open a new window and type out “https://art1010shawfall18.commons.gc.cuny.edu/” in the search bar.🔍
  2. Log in to your commons account.
  3. Click “Visit Site” in the “Fall 2018 Art 1010 tab.
  4. Hover over the “+ New” tab located above the blog.
  5. click “Post“.
  6. Choose your post title.🤔
  7. Type whatever you want to share on the blog.📝
  8. Adjust the page format, text size, and spacing to your liking.🎨
  9. Once you’re satisfied with what you’ve written, scroll down and select your class category in “Categories”. This is located on the right column.📑
  10. Add “Blog Post 1: How to Post” as a tag under “Tags“.
  11. If you wish to add an image to your post, select the “Add Media” button located on the top left hand corner of your document.📸
  12. Click on the uploaded image to adjust the size and alignment.
  13. Click the blue “Publish” button on the right.
    (You can still make revisions after publishing your post.  Simply click edit and you can fix any errors or add more things to your post.)👌

🎊✨Congratulations! You’ve published your first blog post!✨🎊



My art story

My favorite form of art is anime. Anime are basically just Japanese cartoons, sounds simple right everyone grew up watching cartoons and enjoyed them. Well anime is awesome because it is so diverse and exciting. There are anime’s about sports like basketball and volleyball and there are ones about long stories of revenge and glory. Another form of art that i enjoy now is photography, i used to not think much of it but when i met my current girlfriend she introduced me to it since she is a photographer who studies in art school at the moment.  She showed me that there are many intriquite details that go into taking photos. It isn’t just pressing a button at the right time and bam your done.

Art Story

Art is all around us. In our homes, schools, work, and even outside. Many people buy different forms of art in order to match their personalities or to represent something important to them. For example, some may purchase a self portrait of themselves while some may purchase a painting of something that has to do with traditions and beliefs. Just like singing and dancing, art can be a way of someone expressing how they feel. Art comes in many styles such as paintings,  drawings, sculpting, and more.

Art to me represents history. As time changes, the style of how art is depicted changes as well. The time periods changes how people express themselves through art. For instance, the time period of the Middle Ages has completely different art compared to the period of the Renaissance.

Art fits into my life because in New York City, there is art everywhere. From murals to tattoos to even graffiti, can all be seen in NYC. Since New York City is a very diverse city, there are many museums that one can go to learn and see more about art and the changes that goes on throughout the many time periods. In this class, I would like to learn more about how art has changed over the years. I would also like to learn about the different vocabulary that are used in order to describe art.

Easy Steps on How to Post on Your Blog!

Before starting to post on your blog, you must first log into your account. After logging into your account, there are certain easy steps that one should follow. Here it is…

Step 1: After logging into your profile, go to “My Commons”

Step 2: From there, click on “Art 1010 Fall 2018 9:30 AM”

Step 3: There are tiny words to the left of you, click on the small word that reads “Site”

Step 4: Look up! Theres a little (+) with the word “New” sitting next to it! Click on it!

Step 5: After clicking on “New”, you’ll see this whole page of different and weird small windows with a variety of options.

Step 6: Don’t get flustered! I am here to help. At the top, type in any title you may have in mind (having to do with the topic of course).

Step 7: Once you have finished working on your title, type away down below! Let your words run wild with imagination, humor and wit.

Step 8: When you are finished writing your material, if wanted, you can add an image, video or music. Just move your mouse under the title to where it says “Add media.” Click on it.

Step 9: From there you can access a whole gallery of pictures or music (where everything is stored). Use the pictures to make the blog more interesting or colorful. Everyone loves a little color in their lives!

Step 10: After everything has been proof read and the pictures are in their places, go to the right hand side of the page and look at the “categories” window and check of the box that says “9:30 AM Class”.

Step 11: If wanted, you can also add a tag (Ex: Blog Post 1)

THAT’S IT! We got through the worst of it together! Now all you have to do is click publish and everyone who you allow can read your beautiful and well put words. Also, if there is something that you may have forgotten to add, you can always click edit and fix whatever you are worried about.


How to Post a Blog

Before posting a blog you have to log into to your Commons account. Type in your username and password and press “Log In” at the bottom. Once you’re in, scroll the mouse up until you see “Fall 2018 Art 1010”. Then, on the left hand side you’re going to look for a word that says “Site”. Click on it and it should bring you to a site fill with different kinds of art in the background. Make sure to press ” 9:30 AM Class MW“!

To post on this site, use the mouse to go up until you see the word “New”. Once you reached the word, click on the word “Post”.  When you click on “post”, you can type as many words as you like. Using this is the same as using Microsoft Word or Google Docs (those are other word documents were people type up their assignments). There are many tools you can use that will help you write your blog post neater. You can add many links including pictures, videos, and even music.

To upload any music, pictures, or videos, bring the mouse up and look for “Add Media”. When you see “Add Media” click on it. It should bring to a page that can allow you to make your own gallery for pictures (a gallery is where all your pictures are stored) and make your own separate video or audio playlists (a playlist is a list in where all your videos and audio are located).

Once you’re completely done with your assignment, go down to categories and click on the box next to ” 9:30 AM Class” (a check should appear once you clicked the box). Then you roll the mouse up until you see “Tags”. Press on the box and type in “Blog Post 1: How to Post”. When you’re finished, press “Add”. Reread your work to make sure there aren’t any errors. When you’ve gone over your work, scroll the mouse down and click on a blue button that says “Publish”.

A Post on How To Make a Post

Not everyone should have the power of knowing how to properly blog. Some people’s thoughts should be tucked away neatly in the back of their head…and stay safely off the internet. However, with Freedom of Speech evidently comes Freedom to Blog.

If you find the task daunting, don’t! It’s done in six easy steps!

Step 1: Log into your profile and go to “My Commons”

Step 2: From there, click on “Art 1010 Fall 2018 9:30 AM”

Step 3: There are tiny words to the left of you, click on the small word that reads “Site”

Step 4:  Look up! There’s a little plus button (+) with the word “New” sitting next to it! Click on that bad boy!

Step 5: You’ve done it! You’re about to embark on your first blog journey! Type in a (not so) witty title and start writing whatever needs to be said!

Step 6: Let your anxiety consume you whole as you click that publish button and boom…your words are out there for all to read! (kind of)

Also be sure to check off the category that states what class you’re in, and if asked add a tag! All of this is seen off to the right.

Technically there’s 7 steps, but now you’re licensed to blog.